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Eastvale Customers Mattress Question & Answer

Real customer from “Eastvale, CA” (that will be named Eastvale for the rest of this article) asked; I’ve never purchased a mattress and I need to find a good set that works for me…. So how do I start this process?

Eastvale explained that he visited a store that put him on a machine that would tell him what to buy… a certain comfort and type. It was further explained to Eastvale, that this machine will be his answer. He was also instructed about all and he meant all the details of what makes up a good mattress.
He didn’t have a clue what the gauge of the coil really meant or what certain foams would do for his comfort or his needs and left confused.

I told Eastvale that it’s not important to understand all the parts and details of a given mattress.
For example: when you buy a car, is it necessary to understand all the parts in the engine? Or why certain parts are better than others? No… it's not.

We purchase a car based upon the manufacture, reputation, quality and the price. As I explained this to Eastvale he got the point and he proceeded to ask me; who are the top manufactures in the nation?

ANSWER- Sealy, Simmons Beautyrest, Serta, Stearns & Foster, and more. I instructed Eastvale to just focus on these nationally recognized manufactures and simply just lay on tons of different sets… at the end Eastvale let the mattress pick him and not only understood the concept got the “Mattress Liquidation way to purchase a mattress”.

When you lay on enough mattresses, the mattress will pick you!

Erik H. - Owner