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Chino Hills asks "Where do we get our mattresses from and why are they so inexpensive"?

For the past 16 years, I’ve been hearing this question again and again.
People come in to one of our warehouses and ask this question almost every day.
I can understand, from a consumer’s point of view, why this is a reoccurring question.
I love to hear this question because it reminds me how far ahead we are from our overpriced mattress market.

This question was last asked by a woman from Chino Hills on 10-21-16. For the rest of this article I will refer her as “Chino Hills”.
Chino Hills asked: Where do we get our mattresses from and why are they so inexpensive?
My sales manager for our Rancho Cucamonga store accurately answered: We’re the liquidation company for the majority
of the major manufacturers and retailers in the nation. We purchase / finance all the overstock, discontinued, factory open bag,
scratch and dented, along with the occasional sleep trial mattresses.

In short- we are the total liquidation solution for the major manufacturers and retailers.
After visiting our Rancho Cucamonga location, Chino Hills saw the hundreds of mattresses with all the prices
on each mattress and the math started add up for her. We always encourage all our customers to shop any of
our locations and compare our prices.

Erik H. - Owner

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