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Chino Hills asks "Where do we get our mattresses from and why are they so inexpensive"?

Mattress Question & Answers

For the past 16 years Iíve been in the mattress liquidation business. Iíve been faced with the challenge of helping people find the perfect mattress.
This is a difficult process if youíre seriously concerned about doing the right job.

Many, if not all other mattress stores are prejudice on their recommendations because of commissions and bonuses given by selling a certain mattress.
More times than not Iíve found uneducated sales people that simply want to generate a commission while stepping
over the customerís real needs. This is one of the reasons why I developed Mattress Liquidation.

I want to be fair by saying; Iíve met some sales people that sincerely want to do the right job for a customer
but I have found this is few and far between. SoÖ. Who do you trust? What do you do?

To start with, I would recommend a store that doesnít have commission sales people.
The reason behind this is itís difficult to keep the customersí needs first when the sales person is focusing on their commission.
Then I would look at the Yelp review of a given store. This is the best way to determine who is doing the right job or not.
I would strongly encourage new customers to hear what the previous customers have to say about
their experience and why it worked for them or not.

In an effort to make your mattress buying experience as easy and informative as possible, I will be updating this section weekly
with questions and answers from real Mattress Liquidation customer throughout Southern California.

Please check back often to read the latest articles from our mattress questions and answers and if you have any
questions yourself, please feel free to call us at 909-581-1800.

Erik Hibshman - Owner