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Premium Luxury Mattress Selection at Mattress Liquidation

For many people, the idea of shopping for a luxury mattress never crosses their mind. For others, a premium mattress brand is the only way to go.
When it comes down to it, most people would love a luxury mattress to sleep on every night but not many can afford a mattress that costs tens of thousands of dollars.
Thatís where Mattress Liquidation in Rancho Cucamonga can help you!

We routinely get luxury mattresses from premium mattress brands such as Kluft and Aireloom and we are able to sell them to you at incredibly discounted prices.

Why Buy a Luxury Mattress

Sure there are plenty of mattress brands out there like Sealy, Sterns & Foster or Simmons, that come in a variety of comfort levels,
but for those who are in the know, a luxury mattress is where itís at.

Take for example the construction of a Kluft mattress. This premium mattress brand is made locally here in Rancho Cucamonga.
Their mattresses are made by hand by 10 expert craftsmen over 3 days. The mattress is made with cashmere, mohair, silk,
and imported wool with thousands of springs wrapped in cotton.

These luxury mattresses usually retail for around $40,000 and up but through our connections with the manufacturers,
we are able to sell them for a fraction of that cost.

Keep in mind our inventory of luxury mattresses goes extremely fast, so don't miss out on these amazing prices!
Learn more about our premium mattress brands below and come see our luxury mattress selection today!

Please contact us or call us at 909-581-1800

Additionally, you can contact Erik, the owner of Mattress Liquidation directly at 909-968-6006, he personally
likes to handle all our high-end, luxury mattress sales so he can offer you the best deal possible.

Kluft mattresses for sale at discount prices at Mattress Liquidation in Rancho Cucamonga

Aireloom mattresses for sale at discount prices at Mattress Liquidation in Rancho Cucamonga