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The Mattress Coil Game

Shopping for the perfect mattress can be very confusing.
In 2010, we spoke to 146 of our mattress customers requesting a high coil counts on a given (Sealy, Stearns & Foster etc.).
Below, you’ll find a real conversation (word for word) that will help explain the confusing world of: “The Mattress Coil Game”


Customer: Were looking for a Firm full mattress set. We were told the more the better. What’s the coil count?

Mattress Liquidation: We have many mattresses from Sealy, Stearns & Foster and others to choose from but why the high coil counts?

Customer: We were told the higher the better and we want something nice.

Mattress Liquidation: Ok, first of all, the higher the coil counts the smaller the coil. In other words, your full mattress
is only 75 inches long and 54 inches wide. This is a defined set space in any full mattress. If you’re looking for a high coil count the coils have to be small.
The smaller coils are softer and the larger coils are firmer.

Example: One of the firmest coils in the mattress world is a 12 gauge steel coil. The coil is over 2 inches wide and the smallest coils are 18 gauge steel coils
less then 1 inch wide. The 12 gauge coils has approximately 300 coils (firm) and the softer full mattresses have 600-800. Are you sure you’re looking for a high coil count?

Customer: We were sold on the high coil count; the last sales guy told us the more the better.

Mattress Liquidation: Better for the customer? or the sales guy? Typically, the higher the coil count = the more expensive mattress.
Since 95% of the mattress stores have commission sales representatives, who does it truly benefit?

Result: The customer bought a low coil count that fit there budget and needs.

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