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Buying a Mattress? Important Information to know before you go shopping.

When you are buying a mattress you will have several issues to contend with. This article will help you navigate through the sea of perceived savings.

1. One of the largest mattress chain stores in southern California claims to be the lowest price or your mattress is free. This is a good example of a perceived savings.

Here is how this works; major manufactures like Sealy, Serta, Spring Air, Stearns & Foster and Simmons create exclusive mattress names for given retail store chain. These names will not be found anywhere. Sure they will look the same feel the same and carry the same basic construction but the name on the silk tag will be exclusive for that given retail chain. This allows the retailer to price the mattress as high as they want. They have never given a mattress away for free. Theses retailers will advertise this point but will fail to disclose this important detail.

2. Have you ever seen a local paper with individuals advertising new queen pillow top mattress set for $99.00? It seems to be very prevalent here in Southern California and I am sure you will find these types of advertisements throughout the United States.

Here is how this works; it’s called many things but you will know it by “bait and switch”.
It is impossible to manufacture such a set for less then $100.00 and what you can manufacture for this amount is beyond poor.
Now you are in their warehouse and still need a mattress and surprise they have other, more expensive options.

3. Beware of this situation; you find an unbelievable price for a mattress that seems too good to be true. When you call the phone number on the advertisement you find that they will only meet with you by appointment.

This is why; operators like this will screen you to see if you are with the health department, consumer affairs or the Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation.
If you find yourself in this position ask to see their copy of their state issued, Bedding Retailer license. You can do the math for yourself and please be careful.


Always buy a mattress through a licensed, state approved, and open to the public mattress liquidator. The largest mattress liquidator in the state is Mattress Liquidation and we are located in Rancho Cucamonga, just outside the San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles County area.

Mattress Liquidation sells all the overstock, discontinued and factory open bag mattress sets for most of the major manufactures like Sealy, Serta, Spring Air, Stearns & Foster and Simmons Beautyrest. We offer 10 year warranties and the lowest prices in the industry today.

Erik Hibshman