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Helpful Tips on how to Buy a Mattress at Mattress Liquidation

As the owner of Mattress Liquidation in Rancho Cucamonga, Iím very proud to have sold over 200,000 mattresses to date. You have to ask yourself; why or how did this happen?
What makes Mattress Liquidation so different than the next mattress store down the street? You might be surprised with my answer.
Granted I have an unfair advantage selling the direct overstock and discontinued mattresses from the major manufactures but itís not our pricing or the quality of the mattresses
that have catapulted us as the largest liquidator in the nation.
To best answer this question I want to start off by saying what we donít do:


  1. Never ask for a sale or pressure a given shopper.
  2. We never use the ďIím going to impress you with my knowledge of mattresses tacticĒ This is the standard game 99% of all salesmen play.
    Once you give in, that the salesmen knows more than you, more times than not, you will simply rely upon what they are recommending.
    This is a serious problem because most salesmen are paid by commission and a spiff.
    A Spiff is an added commission to the salesmen to help promote the sales of a line that typically needs extra help.
    Translation: most people donít like the mattress or itís so new or unsalable, that manufactures will add this bonus as an incentive to move the product.


We simply educate our customers that buying a mattress is simple
  1. Always purchase a major manufacture / Sealy, Simmons, Stearns & Foster, Serta, Spring Air etc. It doesnít matter if you buy from us or another store!
    i. With over 8,000 different mattress manufactures in the US. Go with a company that will stand behind what they make. Mattress manufactures come and go every day.
    Knowing this, how would you exercise your warranty? Who would you call if you have a problem? Why risk it?

  2. Lay on a lot of different mattresses / go to a lot of different stores! Donít look at the price or if itís a pillow top or tight top, firm or plush, let your body determine what you need.
    Lay on the mattress the way you sleep at home and ask yourself the following questions:

    i. Is the mattress supporting your comfort?
    ii. Are you feeling like the mattress is sagging or pushing you out of your comfort zone
    iii. When you lay on enough mattresses, you will find that the mattress will pick you and you didnít select the mattress!
    1. Other salesmen will freak out when they read this because they are not as important as you might think, when it comes to selecting a mattress.
    Understand this point: All the major manufactures make low end, mid-range and high-end mattresses. All the major manufactures make good beds, depending on your budget.

  3. Find the best priceÖ. Use your smart phone and go to work.

If you understand what we do and why it works, buying from Mattress Liquidation is the easy, straight forward approach to buying your next mattress.

Have some fun and print this off the next time you see a mattress sales guy and see what he does next!