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The Mattress Name Game

When you are shopping for a mattress, do you find it confusing?
We spoke to 218 of our mattress customers requesting a certain name given by a
major S brand manufacture (Sealy, Simmons, Stearns & Foster etc.).
Below you’ll find an example that can explain the confusing world of: "The Mattress Name Game"


Customer: Do you have the Sealy Posturepedic, Queen, Ivory Forest, Firm set?

Mattress Liquidation: Yes we do but why the Ivory Forest?

Customer: I want this mattress because my sister has it and we want the same set.

Mattress Liquidation: As a Sealy liquidator we carry all the names but sometimes we don’t have the
exact name because it’s an exclusive name for a certain retailer. Sealy sells the exact same mattress to other
retailers but under many different names.

Customer: Why the different names? It’s confusing!

Mattress Liquidation: This is designed to help retailers to do 2 different things:

  1. Price guarantees: They can legally advertise that they have the lowest price “guaranteed”.
    Since they’re the only store that offers the name, how can other retailers compete?)
  2. When they sell the mattress and the customer wants the same mattress set again,
    they are forced to purchase the mattress from that given retailer.

Customer: How do I know what names are the equivalent, if I want to shop the best possible price?

Mattress Liquidation: Look at the components that make up the mattress.
All the particulars of any given mattress can be found on line and ask other retailers to quote you on the equivalent
and you’ll be armed with the necessary information to find the best price.