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What Size is my Mattress

This is a very common question to ask before you buy a mattress.
It is important to know what size mattress you need before you decide on a mattress style or brand
such as Sealy, or Stearns and Foster.

Knowing in advance what mattress size you need will save you an extra trip back to the house
or a frustrating exchange with the mattress store.

So What Size Mattress do I have?

Knowing how to make sure you measured the correct size is important.
Mattress sizes are standard; although some companies have broken out of the standard sizes but
it’s extremely rare and can be frustrating to roughly 3% of US consumers.

About 97% of the time you will have a standard mattress size. By measuring the inside of your mattress frame,
you can determine the mattress size you need.

Knowing the correct size of your mattress is also important because some of the names of the sizes can be confusing,
for example: King, Cal King, and Eastern King.

The below sizes are Standard Mattress Sizes: