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The Mattress Warranty Game

Do you find it confusing when you are shopping for a mattress?
In 2010, we spoke to 114 of our customers requesting information about our warranty.
Below you’ll find a conversation that took place 12-4-2010.


Customer: What happens if we have a problem with our mattress? What happens next?

Mattress Liquidation: We have the best mattress warranty in the business today.
Unfortunately, many people have had a horrible time getting help with there warranty claim. When you buy a mattress from a given retail store,
they will give you an 800 number to call. When you call the number you’ll be taking to a third party adjuster. This adjuster will set a time
to come and inspect your mattress. If the mattress doesn’t fall under the requirements of a claim, you’re out of luck.

What incentive do they have to help you? You’ll see right away that they’re not representing you but the companies they work for.
So, you get upset and decide to call the retailer or the manufacture. They will divert the responsibility back to the adjuster and say it’s out of our hands.

Customer: I assume your company is the same. Can you offer us something different?

Mattress Liquidation: As a liquidator for most of the major 'S' manufactures such as Sealy, Stearns and Foster and others,
we offer same day, no questions asked warranty experience.

In other words we can schedule a time to pick-up your mattress in the morning
and schedule the return of the mattress that same day. We have several different ways to address your issues. Our old school customer
service is one of our basic philosophies of our business. Our customers needs always come first and were ready to prove that with every transaction we make.

Result: They bought a 'S' Black Label for $2,049.00