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Buying a Visco Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to buying a Memory Foam Mattress, like any major purchase,
there are some questions that you should always be sure to ask the mattress salesmen
before deciding on which memory foam mattress to buy.

What is the total height of the mattress?

  • Knowing the total height of your memory foam mattress is important so you will know
    exactly how high off the floor your mattress will be once it’s added to the box spring, frame
    or anything that it may sit on.

How much memory foam is in the mattress? 1”, 3” or 5”?

  • Memory foam mattresses come in the standard sizes of mattresses such as Twin, Full, Queen,
    King and California King but they also come in different thicknesses of the foam. Be sure to
    ask how thick the memory foam actually is in the mattress.

    The difference between 1 inch of memory foam and 5 inches is very noticeable and will
    help determine how comfortable you are and how well you will sleep.

What is the density of the memory foam? 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 7lb?

  • Besides the thickness of the memory foam in your mattress, it also comes in different densities.
    Memory foam density can range from 2lbs to 7lbs or more. The higher the density the better
    quality and firmer the mattress is but also will be more expensive.

    If you are looking for a softer mattress then go with a lower density memory foam but remember,
    a lower density would be less quality and probably wouldn’t last for as many years of use as a
    higher quality (higher density) memory foam mattress would.

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